About Us
The Small Café is a small full service restaurant
located in the heart of Naples within the city of
Long Beach, CA.  Opened in 2000 and with the support
of our valued customers, we have established ourselves
as a popular local eatery by offering hearty and
healthy American and Mexican style entrees, fresh
baked treats and always providing the best customer

We are known as the “locals secret spot” for the best
breakfast & burgers in Naples. With a 42" LCD TV and
now serving beer, wine and mimosas - we are the place
to be!  All of our entrees are homemade from scratch
and we personally select every ingredient for preparing
your meal.  

Our location at 5656 East 2nd Street has been
recognized as a local eating establishment for over 25
years when Russell’s first inhabited this location.  In
fact, we still have Russell's chef Jose who has
perfected their burger recipe making it even better
then you remember.

We all live, work and play in Long Beach and we think
of The Small Café as an extension of our homes and you
are all invited!
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Background Picture info:  
The background picture is a compilation of original unused tickets that you would receive at the Pike Amusement
Park in Long Beach, CA.  We are unsure of the exact age of the tickets but the Pike was open from 1902 to 1979.  
*We would like to thank one of our valued customers for these and other pics, one of which is on the specials page.
We are proud to display them as a part of our Long Beach heritage.